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Corinna Creedon

Corinna Creedon

The Book Fairies is an organization which strives to combat illiteracy by providing reading materials to children and adults in underserved communities throughout the five boroughs and in Long Island. On November 14th, We broke a World Guinness Record for most number and longest line of books placed end-to-end, with more than 30,000 books covering over three and a half linear miles. At the end of the event, all books were donated to the Wyndanch elementary schools on Long Island.

Please consider contributing to this fantastic cause. You can sponsor as little as $5 per book for as many as you choose, or any other denomination.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, reading is the gift of a lifetime!
The Creedons


THE BOOK FAIRIES BREAKS GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Long Island Press › 2019/11/15 › lit... Literacy Nonprofit The Book Fairies' Novel Idea: Break Guinness World ...

THE BOOK FAIRIES REACHES 2,000,000 https://thebookfairies.org/book-fairies-marks-2-millionth-book-donation/


Interview with TBF founder, Amy Zaskansky!



raised of $3,500 goal

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1. Dawn Cluff
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Good luck with your fundraiser, Corinna. A very worth while cause.
3. Tara Rice
4. Ryan Reiff
"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." - Margaret Fuller Contribution for tomorrow's leaders from your friends at BKD, LLP.

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